Bioderma Micellar water 100ml


Who has time to wash their face? Micellar water can effortlessly cleanse skin and melt away makeup on even the most sensitive skin. With a bottle sold every 6 seconds around the world, Sensibio H2O has become a staple in beauty skin care routines, adored for its gentle but effective formulation.

As a new mum how convienient to cleanse away the day without having to leave your current spot…

Using the powers of water-soluble micelles, this facial cleanser captures fatty molecules, such as sebum and makeup, and removes them for a clearer and cleaner complexion. This 3-in-1 makeup remover, soothing toner, and non-rinse cleanser is suitable for all skin types, especially reactive and sensitive skin.

How to use Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser

Soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O.
Gently cleanse your face and eye area to remove makeup and impurities.
For stubborn makeup, lightly hold the cotton pad to the makeup before removing it.
Use fresh cotton pads until they come back clean from makeup.
No rinsing required.
Lightly pat your face with a clean cotton towel.
Suitable for daily use, morning and evening.


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