OHMAMA Peri Bottle

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OHMAMA upside down peri bottle offers a powerful but gentle stream of water for relief and to cleanse your lady bits and c-section without pressure or wiping… IYKYK

This portable bidet if for your vjayjay – a must have for your hospital bag.

Ergonomically designed and specifically made to be held upside down with a narrow angled neck for a continuous stream of relief.



How to use:

Unscrew cap. Fill with warm water ( or desired water temp) and screw back cap and ensure angle neck is in place securely. Slowly turn bottle upside down and squeeze the bottle. Pressure can be increased by squeezing tighter.


add 1-2 drops of witch hazel for extra soothing relief.


Bottle, cap and nozzle made from BPA free plastic (bottle = EVA Plastic / cap and nozzle = ABS plastic).

1 review for OHMAMA Peri Bottle

  1. Anoud

    Perfect size, doesn’t leak while using which is perfect no more wetting our pants while using it? feel fresh and clean with this peri bottle ?

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