Silverette Nursing Cups


For the breastfeeding mama, the first few weeks of your breastfeeding journey can see you feeling sore, cracked, sensitive and defeated… These nuring cups will help alleviate this and make your journey that much little bit easier.

Crafted out of pure 925 sterling silver and 100% nickel free, these medical-grade nursing cups fit over and help to protect and repair nipples and surrounding skin that is sore, cracked and sensitive from breastfeeding.

Silverette is designed to create an environment to promote soothing and healing of nursing nipples. It is the silver ions that naturally occur in 925 silver which provides mothers the antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits.

The success of Silverette comes down it’s effectiveness. Having been tested by mothers, studied by neonatologists, midwives and paediatricians, this is why it’s the best selling breastfeeding product of it’s kind, being sold in over 28 countries. It is recommeded to use daily for the first two weeks and then when needed.

Lightweight, weighing only 3g per cup, Silverette easily fits under a nursing bra.

Size XL (best size to fit most)



Crafted by a medical equipment manufacturer in Verona Italy. Simply wash in between use with warm water to remove any residue. No disinfectant is required to clean them as it could potentially damage the silver.

To keep them shiny, create a simple paste using bicarbonate of soda and a little bit of water, and rub the mixture on the cups. Rinse thoroughly then dry.

Do not use any other nipple treatments in conjunction with Silverette. Doing so may compromise or reduce the efficacy of the product.  If you plan on using absorbent breast pads, place the breast pads over cups. Your nursing bra will hold the cups in place.

Eco friendly these cups can be used and reused for years and years (a great gift to pass on), Silver is infinitely recyclable. As 925 sterling silver is also jewellery silver, these cups can even be recycled and transformed into a keepsake by your local silversmith.

Made In Italy


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