Mulberry Silk Sleep Set

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Sleep but make it Beauty Sleep. The ultimate Luxury Sleep Set.

using only 1oo% Mulberry Silk with a thickness of 22 momme our sleep set will have you sleeping in luxury with the added benefits. Silk is less absorbent than other materials therefore your skin is left more hydrated and your skin care on your face and not on your pillow. The smooth surface of the Mulberry Silk allows your skin and hair to glide therefore less tugging and friction meaning frizz free hair and less creases on the face (which can lead to wrinkles!)

OHMAMA Sleep Set is SELFCARE! Suitable for anyone and makes a perfect a gift!



Includes: Pillowcase, Eye Mask & Scrunchie Peach

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1 review for Mulberry Silk Sleep Set

  1. Jacquelyn

    The most luxurious sleep set!! I love everything in this box, it’s soft, silky and the quality is amazing!! I sleep on the pillowcase every night and you can really tell the difference with my hair from sleeping on it compared to a normal pillowcase, same for the scrunchies. I couldn’t recommend this anymore, any mama would love this set!!

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