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“Like so many parents before me, having my first child woke me up to all the chemicals I was using in my everyday life. I felt responsible for this little person and knew that all the choices I made now would have an impact on him later in life. This, in turn, made me also start to care about the products I was using on myself.” Apolline Amiaud

What is your Business? 

My business Balm Balm Co sells skin and self care products with a strong focus on high quality organic/natural ingredients which give results and don’t cost the earth.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Apolline, 33 year old mama of two (Luca 9 and Lola 4). I started my company Balm Balm Co in 2019, after being a stay at home mum for 6 years I was looking for something to do from home that I enjoyed doing and that would put my brain back to work while still being able to be at home for the kids.















How did the idea come about?

I found it extremely hard to find good organic and natural products that were actually free from hidden nasties or weren’t too expensive for our budget at the time. We were a one income family, so we just couldn’t afford the really good stuff! After a while of making things for my little family, I started making products for my extended family and friends, and my best friend suggested I start a business (as I was wanting to get back into the work force), and I thought why not!

What has been the most challenging aspect of owning your own business so far?

I always talk to other business owners about this and am yet to find someone who doesn’t struggle with this little thing called SELF-DOUBT or imposter syndrome! It has by far being the most challenging thing for me, fighting the thoughts in my head that I am not good enough, or other people are way better than I am (comparing yourself to others is the worst!), and it makes me feel that I should just give up in those moments. Going into my third year, I am happy to say these feelings of failure come on less frequently, and you do get better at riding the waves of ups and downs, I guess I just really focus on enjoying the highs and acknowledging that the lows are part of the journey and they will pass.

What has been the highlight of owning your business?

I love hearing my husband and kids talk about me (the business) to friends, it makes me feel like they are really proud of me, and what more could you want. I love that I am modeling to my children that you have to work hard to succeed and you have to have lots of patience, it doesn’t just happen over-night for most people, so it’s really nice to show them that it pays off in the end if you don’t give up on your dreams.

If you have one advice to give to another Mama wanting to start a business what will it be?

Be ready for the long-haul, and for the rollercoaster journey of emotions. Don’t think that because you are not “killing it” at first (even for up to 2 years) it doesn’t mean you have failed. Organic growth is key, so just one step at a time, set achievable goals that will make you feel great about where you are in your journey and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s!!!

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