Mini Maxi and Mini Micro Scooters for Sale in Australia

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Your child will absolutely love zooming around on their very own scooter, which provides them perfect balance and movement as they scoot around on three wheels. By just choosing your child’s favourite colour – pink, orange, green or blue – you’ll be able to give them a fun gift they’ll love. Perfect for riding to school or kinder, riding to the shops with you, or going around with their friends, this scooter is the favourite across Australia.

With an adjustable handlebar height, the scooter will change as your kid grows – and last them through the years in style. Designed according to national safety standards, the Mini Maxi scooters are a wonderful way to help your child get around town in the safest of fashions.

The perfect scooters for sale to develop motor skills

Motor skills are an essential part of your little one’s development – and what better way to grow these skills than with a safe and secure three-wheeled scooter? The design allows complete stability, and develops children’s skills in co-ordination and balance, as they use their body weight to steer themselves around. The low-to-the-ground design allows them to kick off from the pavement – easily propelling themselves forwards – and means there’s not far to fall if they do make a mistake.

The Mini Maxi and Mini Micro scooters have decks that are non-slip to ensure little feet remain safely on board – your child will be a confident rider in no time with our gorgeous kids’ products.

You have the option of a pull handle to strap onto the front of the scooter, to pull your tired child along at the end of the day. The strap is also a helpful carrier, so you can strap it to your shoulders when you need to transport it home.