Our Peace-of-Mind Wireless Baby Monitors

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There is nothing you worry about more than your baby’s health and safety, especially at times when you can’t monitor them yourself. When you’re sleeping, you want to be completely assured that your child is in the best of care. The system offered by Oh Mama is entirely portable so you can roam around, and operates on rechargeable batteries.

With digital tools, your system transmits messages that are interference-free and completely private. Our range of wireless Snuza digital baby monitors takes care of your baby’s movement and sounds, so you can take a good, well-deserved rest.

Snuza baby monitor with camera and movement detection

Snuza’s special line of digital movement monitors keeps track of movement throughout the night, and alerts you with an alarm should they stop. Using a careful tracking system, the Snuza monitor will gently vibrate if it detects too few movements in any one minute – this vibration is designed to carefully rouse them from sleep. If the monitor detects no further movement, it will sound an alarm to wake you, so you can check on your child.

Clip the monitor onto the nappy – the unit is operated with a rechargeable battery and the digital monitor is wireless – so there are no cords for your child to get tangled up in.

Audio and video baby monitors

We also stock a range of video products to take notice of your baby’s crying at night, while you are sleeping in another room – or during the day as your child takes a nap. Our audio and video monitors with a camera carefully monitor your baby’s sound through the night, and take notice if they begin crying, so you can attend to them. A talk-back feature allows you to soothe your child back to sleep, making this one of the most comprehensive children’s products.

Catch up on your sleep with the knowledge that our Snuza products are taking care of your baby.